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I currently lead the effort at Twitter, to scale the git SCM. Previously, I helped found and lead the VM / Diagnostics group, where I hacked on the Hotspot Java VM; Specifically, on improving its observability and getting it to talk to native Linux tools like GDB (code) and the Perf profiler.

Formerly worked on the Chakra Javascript Runtime and the .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR) at Microsoft. Authored Chakra's AMD64 optimizing JIT compiler and runtime. I also designed and implemented IE's Javascript CPU profiler and its API.

When I'm not writing code you might find me either writing, mixing and mastering music, playing NBA 2k on my Xbox, or, more recently, on my ROLI Seaboard, that I'm hoping to use to teach myself how to play carnatic classical music with. My IMDB profile has a partial list; And my filmography, a complete list of movies I've written the score for.

If you've found any of the software I've written or content on this website useful, please consider expressing your support and appreciation by donating to a charity I support - Sri Ahobila Mutt.


Recent talks


A non-exhaustive list of stuff I've built or worked on over the years:


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